Montgomery is growing faster than ever before, and we can see its effects firsthand. New storefronts and communities moving into our town are bound to boost our economy and bring great talent to Montgomery.

However, with these benefits come some challenges. Without proper oversight, certain development can lead to traffic jams, inefficient use of space, and wasted tax dollars.

Kent and Devra want to make sure that Montgomery continues to develop, but with emphasis on smart development and responsible decision making. We want to ensure that money spent on expansion is spent effectively with no outside implications.



Community is not just a nebulous grouping of like-minded people, but a physical entity. Ideally, communities have access to pathways which they can use to get from point A to point B in order to fortify bonds and connections.

Montgomery is a big place with lots of different communities, but few physical pathways to connect them. Without sidewalks, bike paths, and trails, it is difficult for individuals to reach each other and enjoy Montgomery's beautiful wildlife.

As members of Montgomery Township Committee, Kent and Devra want to make Montgomery more walkable. They want to make pathways more available to Montgomery residents in order to strengthen our community ties and place emphasis on our town's flora and fauna.


We talk about government, on all levels, a lot. There are a lot of issues that Montgomery residents know about and are willing to discuss and debate.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues that Montgomery residents don't know about. Backroom deals and unpublicized decisions can make politics on a macro and micro scale difficult to follow and secretive.

Kent and Devra believe that you have the right to know how your government is serving you. No matter what they're discussing or planning, Kent and Devra want to make sure you know what your elected officials are implementing and how your tax dollars are being spent.


You work hard for your money. You and the people around you put countless hours into making Montgomery a better place, and you deserve the financial compensation you receive.

Local government should respect the money you've earned by making decisions that are financially sound. Money should be spent responsibly and in ways that we are positive will be effective, so that nothing goes to waste.

When making choices to benefit Montgomery, Kent and Devra want to make fiscal responsibility a priority. They are committed to allocating funds in ways that are both efficient and conscientious of the value of finances.


Fulfilling the 'American dream' and reaching one's goals should never be left up to chance. For some, achieving upward mobility is simply a matter of going to school and securing a job. However, for people who weren't born into wealth or success, achieving goals can be a much more difficult task.

Montgomery Township is committed to community, but we often leave those who need us the most behind. We have a responsibility to provide our residents with the resources they need to live sustainably.

Kent and Devra want to help all people feel like they have the opportunity to succeed in Montgomery. From better integrating affordable housing into our township to helping families at a disadvantage expand their networks, they want to ensure that success is not just a byproduct of luck.